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Forge Blow off Piston Valve Kit for Citroen DS3 1.6 Turbo

Forge Blow Off Piston Valve and Kit for Citroen DS3 1.6 Turbo

Product Description

This Blow Off valve is for the Citroen DS3 1.6 Turbo engines, that have the electronically controlled bypass valves. It is recommended for any vehicle where the boost pressure has been increased by an ECU software upgrade and for unmodified vehicles operating in warmer climates, as a solution to the many failures that have occurred. The problem is that diaphragm retaining ring is made from very thin plastic that goes brittle with heat cycles, and eventually fails.

Unfortunately the failure doesn’t always result in a check engine light as the valve can still be blown open by the boost pressure, so you may not be aware that you are losing power due to this.  This prevents the diaphragm from sealing This particular failure can also result in the valve falling apart upon removal from the turbo,

This alternative is a fully engineered solution offering both significantly improved reliability .The Forge valve is piston based , with no diaphragm to fail, and of all aluminium construction, it replaces the original unit with a pressure/vacuum operated piston valve that still also retains the desirable OEM ECU control over valve actuation. The valve has been proved on the VAG scene for many years. The spring is interchangeable for different levels of boost, and the solenoid is plug and play with the wiring harness which is included.

Included with this kit:

1 x FMDVDS3A Valve

1 x Solenoid, Bracket, and Screws

1 x 2000mm of 4mm Vacuum Tube

1 x Wiring Harness

1 x Uprated Blue Spring

10 x Cable Ties

1 M6 x 16 Hex Head Bolt

1 x M6 Plain Washer

1 x M6 Nyloc Nut

1 x M5 x 35 Self Tapper Screw

1 x Instructions

1 x Forge Keyring and Sticker

*Fitted option includes fitting in our workshop.  Item will not be delivered to customer.