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Rolling Road Prices

Shoot Out (3 Runs)   

1 Hour                        

Half Day (4 Hours)                

Full Day (8 Hours)                  

Based at our workshop in Burbage near Hinckley, Leicestershire, we have a 2 wheel drive Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road that is able to accurately graph up to 1200 BHP and 1500 Ft/Lb Torque (estimated flywheel).

Due to the high level of accuracy of the Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road, power and torque repeatable measurements can  be made to a decimal accuracy of 0.1.

Measurements can be made in Pferdestarke (PS), Kilowatts (KW), Brake Horse Power (BHP) and Torque in PoundFeet (FT/Lb) or Newton Meters (Nm).  Boost pressure in PSI, BAR or KPA. Fueling as Air : Fuel ratio  (AFR) or Lambda etc.

Email info@SPTuning.co.uk or call us on 01455 615881

Before arriving for your appointment please ensure that your vehicle has ground clearance of at least 100 mm and is in a serviceable condition, (for example please check oil and water levels, tyre condition and pressure and cambelt).

Citroen DS3 on Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road Hinckley Leicestershire Dyno Fan Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road Hinckley Leicestershire

Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road